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The time is now. The Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of my coffee-table book of photos and stories from the last three seasons of ski touring is now live.

You can pledge to support the campaign at a variety of levels and there are a variety of different rewards available including digital prints, ebooks, physical copies of the book and more.

​Any level of support is appreciated and will help me reach my goal. Here's the link to the Kickstarter campaign where you can help me turn this dream into a reality.


the search for healing in the beauty of the backcountry

Sample (Working Copy) Book Spreads

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  1. Front and Back Cover
  2. Front Matter
  3. Page 8-9 spread
  4. Page 12-13 spread
  5. Page 48-49 spread
  6. Page 60-61 spread
  7. Page 72-73 spread
  8. Page 90-91 spread
  9. Page 88-89 spread


"The best photographic advice often comes down to this: photograph what you love. It's very obvious that Curtis Cunningham loves the world in which he pursues his skiing and backcountry adventures. This is a book for people that love these places and the memories of their own adventures there, and a call to others to chase similar adventures in wild places closer to home." (David duChemin - Author of   THE SOUL OF THE CAMERA )

"The Wonderful World of White. Few environments are capable of producing such intrinsical instances of tranquility - yet with those profound experiences also comes a great deal of responsibility: for that same environment which enables the most wholistic peace is also capable of producing the most radical feats of destruction. // As such, those who venture into that wonderful world must balance upon a tightrope, a razor-sharp threshold: on one side lies the ultimate form of freedom and expression - where powder is the canvas upon which the master artist paints perfectly parallel lines up and down the white blanket of bliss. And to the other, lies potential for the most constrictive form of captivity; where forces can exercise their radical potential to extinguish those same expressive strokes as quickly as they are painted. // It is with a particularly practiced penchant for poise that Curtis Cunningham has captured that balance in the Wonderful World of White - a balance struck not just in the photos and anecdotes on the following pages, but ultimately with his ability to be a highwayman of the mountains, forging himself as a storyteller of those experiences for all of their infinite glory and humility; and teleporting us, the viewers, into that same wonderful world as well. (The foreword to the book as written by Chris Brinlee Jr. - www.chrisbrinleejr.com )